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Continuing its journey as a renowned and reputable private higher education provider, Sunway College @ Velocity opened its doors to students in April 2019 as an extended premise to Sunway College Kuala Lumpur. With a capacity of 3500 students, the College aims to bring affordable world-class education to the Cheras community and residents of greater Kuala Lumpur.  

Sunway College @ Velocity offers well-established Certificate level programmes and Diploma programmes to provide foundations for students to pursue their tertiary education. Professional Accountancy programmes are also offered with excellent records of student achievements.   

The brand new 113,500 square feet Sunway College @ Velocity occupies five levels of the V Office, from Level 6 to 10. Currently operational with the first two levels, the remaining three levels will be launched during the second phase by 2022. The College provides facilities such as Computer Labs, Student Hub, classrooms, and a Resource Centre connected to the Sunway Campus Library, designed for students to have the best learning experiences. 

The campus is also regularly patrolled by security guards to ensure students’ safety. Sunway College @ Velocity is located in the heart of Cheras and is conveniently accessible to students through major roads, highways and public transportation. Within walking distance of Sunway Velocity Mall, student experience is enhanced by enjoying the benefits of a modern mall including, shopping, entertainment, variety of food and beverages and other conveniences. 

Since its opening, the College is spearheaded by a team of dedicated and experienced academic staff to ensure quality teaching and learning for the students. By focusing on small class sizes, lecturers at Sunway College @ Velocity provide devoted attention and support to individual students, encouraging them to achieve dreams that they set for   themselves.



To be the premier private College of Choice



Sunway College aims to provide quality holistic education within and beyond the classroom.

We strive to enhance academic standards, ensure progressive curricula, pursue sustainable practices, nurture lifelong learning and instill positive values for students’ success and the progress of our nation.

We embrace diversity and promote inclusiveness as our culture and focus on producing graduates who are innovative, resourceful and future ready.

Quality Statement

Quality Policy

Sunway College (KL) is committed to providing quality education through efficient and effective practices in compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements including the requirements of our external partners.

We are committed to continual improvement of our Quality Management System by focusing on the competency of our academic and administration staff; continually reviewing our key processes and responding to our stakeholders in a timely manner.

Quality Objectives

Promote and establish a culture of quality at all levels of the college community.

Continuously improve our Quality Management System in compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements, including the requirements of our external partners.

Enhance customer satisfaction by providing a learning environment conducive for quality teaching and learning.

Covid-19 Advisory

Malaysian Government Advisory

Ministry of Health (MoH) has prepared a number of support resources pertaining to COVID-19:

  • For queries on COVID-19, members of the public can refer to the MoH website, www.moh.gov.my (Ask a Doctor) for advice from Family Medicine Specialists.
  • For those arriving from overseas, MoH has advised to not go directly to a government healthcare facility. Instead, members of the public can seek medical advice as follows:
    • Virtual Health Advisory @ www.moh.gov.my : 8.30am – 5.00pm daily
    • National Crisis Preparedness & Response Centre (CPRC) Hotline: 03-8810 200/ 600/ 700
    • After 5.00pm, DoctorOnCall at Doctor On Call or BookDoc at www.bookdoc.com

Note: These are private sector providers collaborating with MoH and charges may apply

Health Advisory


Advisory 48 on COVID-19: Phase 2 National Recovery Plan for Klang Valley & Official Reopening of Educational Institutions in October 2021

Advisory 47 on COVID-19: #WeAreVaccinated, Are you? Calling all Staff & Students to Get Vaccinated

Advisory 46 on COVID-19: COVID-19 Vaccination Survey for Sunway Students

Advisory 45 on COVID-19: Selangor Enhanced MCO Lifted, Entering Phase 1 National Recovery Plan

Advisory 44 on COVID-19: Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO) in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor from 3 - 16 July 2021

Advisory 43 on COVID-19: Full MCO Extension 15-28 June 2021

Advisory 42 on COVID-19: MCO 3.0 Total Lockdown SOPs for Higher Education

Advisory 41 on COVID-19: MCO 3.0 SOP Updates for SEG Community

Advisory 40 on COVID-19: Vaccination Updates & Round 2 Astrazaneca Bookings Open Today

Advisory 39 on COVID-19: Nationwide MCO (12 May - 7 June 2021)

Advisory 38 on COVID-19: Movement Control Order - 6 Districts in Selangor from 6-17 May 2021, Kuala Lumpur from 7-20 May 2021

Advisory 37 on COVID-19: Update on Vaccination & Call for Volunteers to Support National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre

Advisory 36 on COVID-19: Students’ Return For Hari Raya Aidilfitri Break

Advisory 35 on COVID-19: Reminders Amidst Rise In Cases Nationwide

Advisory 33 on COVID-19: Updated Student Return Guide

Advisory 32 on COVID-19: Welcome Back, Students

Advisory 31 on COVID-19: MCO 2.0: UPDATE: MOHE advisory on the re-entry of students on campus beginning 1 March

Advisory 30 on COVID-19: MCO 2.0: Updates on Operations of Sunway University, Sunway Colleges and Sunway International Schools

Advisory 29 on COVID-19: As We Enter the Movement Control Order (MCO) 2.0

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Health Advisory 20 -Announcement on Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) for Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Putrajaya (14 Oct 2020 to 27 Oct 2020)

Health Advisory 19 -Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) – Affected Areas in the Klang District (09 Oct – 23 Oct 2020)

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Health Advisory 11 -Updates on Staff-Student Welfare & MCO Compliance (updated on 1 Apr 2020)

Health Advisory 10- MCO Extension (updated on 26 Mar 2020)

Health Advisory 9- Government Food Payment for Affected Students (updated on 21 Mar 2020)

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