Jeffrey Cheah Entrance Scholarship

Participating Programme

  • Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)
  • ACCA Foundation in Accountancy (ACCA FIA)
  • Diploma in Accounting
  • Diploma in Business Administration
  • Diploma in Communication
  • Diploma in Computer Science
  • Diploma in Information Technology
  • Diploma in Interactive New Media
  • Diploma in Digital Creative Content

Eligibility Criteria & Scholarship Value

Diploma Programmes

SPM Grades     Cambridge GCE O-Level Grades     Scholarship Quantum#
9 (A+,A,A-) and above 9 A’s and above      RM 15,000
8 (A+,A,A-) 8 A’s RM 10,000
7 (A+,A,A-) 7 A’s RM 7,000
6 (A+,A,A-) 6 A’s RM 6,000
5 (A+,A,A-) 5 A’s RM 5,000
4 (A+,A,A-) 4 A’s RM 4,000
3 (A+,A,A-) 3 A’s RM 3,000


ACCA Foundation in Accountancy (ACCA FIA)

Eligibility Criteria Scholarship Quantum #
SPM Grades Cambridge GCE O-Level Grades IB MYP Scores^
9A+ and above 9A* and above 54 points and above Full Scholarship
9As (with minimum 5A+) 9As (with minimum 5A+) 52 - 53 points RM15,000
9 (A+, A, A-)  9 (A*, A) 50 - 51 points RM12,000
8 (A+, A, A-) 8 (A*, A) 48 - 50 points RM9,000
7 (A+, A, A-) 7 (A*, A) 45 - 47 points RM6,000
6 (A+, A, A-) 6 (A*, A) 42 - 44 points RM5,000


Special Merit Award***
For ACCA Foundation in Accountancy (ACCA FIA)

SPM Grades Cambridge GCE O-Level Grades Scholarship Quantum#
5(A+,A,A-) 5(A*,A)   RM 4,000
4(A+,A,A-) 4(A*,A) RM 3,000
3(A+,A,A-) 3(A*,A) RM 2,000


Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

Eligibility Criteria Scholarship Quantum #
RM3,000 RM4,000 RM5,000 RM6,000
Australian Matriculation ATAR 80-84.99 ATAR 85-89.99 ATAR 90-94.99 ATAR 95% and above
Canadian Matriculation 80-84.99% 85-89.99% 90-94.99% 95% and above
Monash University Foundation Year 80-84.99% 85-89.99% 90-94.99% 95% and above
UEC 14-15 points 11-13 points 6-10 points 5 points
STPM (Points are calculated based on best 3 subjects) ≥ CGPA 3.00 ≥ CGPA 3.33 ≥ CGPA 3.45 ≥ CGPA 3.67
IB Diploma Programme* ≥ 29 ≥ 31 ≥ 33 ≥ 35
Sunway Foundation Programmes &
Diplomas (Sunway College KL/
Sunway College Ipoh/ Sunway
College Kuching)
CGPA 3.00 CGPA 3.20 CGPA 3.40 CGPA 3.60 and above
Diplomas (Sunway College JB) ≥70% ≥75% ≥80% ≥85%
Foundation/ Matriculation/ Diploma from other recognised education institution in Malaysia CGPA 3.20 CGPA 3.40 CGPA 3.60 CGPA 3.80 and above



  1. IB MYP:   Total score based on 8 subjects, score for each individual subject should not be less than 4 points.
  2. Scholarship Quantum will be deducted from the tuition fee. Terms and Conditions apply.
  3. Jeffrey Cheah Entrance Scholarship and Special Merit Award are only applicable for 2022 intakes with Academic Certificate validity of 2 years prior to joining Sunway College (KL)
  4. IBDP: Points calculated exclude bonus points

Scholarship Application Procedure

  • Complete the Online Scholarship Application Form:
  • Prepare supporting documents (original and photocopy) for verification purpose.
  • Email Scholarship Application Form along with supporting documents to:
    - Admissions at or 
    - Submit hard copy to Information Centre, Level 6, Sunway College Velocity 
  • Processing period of Application: 1 month from intake date
  • A copy of the Scholarship Offer Letter will be sent to the student’s iMail account

1. Processing period of Application: 1 month from intake date
2. Scholarship Deduction: 2nd semester onwards

Application Deadline

Two (2) weeks after commencement of programme OR Two (2) weeks after the release of actual results

*For students with IGCSE qualification, ACTUAL RESULTS refers to the Statement of Results or the final Certificate issued by the following examination board: 

  • Cambridge Assessment International Examination (CAIE) 
  • AQA 
  • Pearson 

Online/statement of results stated as ‘Provisional Results Information’ will NOT be accepted for scholarship application. We understand that some schools will only be receiving the Statement of Results/Certificate 2-3 months later. That is fine as our deadline policy is ‘2 weeks from the release of the actual results’. Therefore, you have 2 weeks from the time you receive the Statement of Results/Certificate to submit your scholarship application to Scholarship Unit

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