Sunway-ACCA Global Leader Scholarship

Participating Programme

  • ACCA Foundation in Accountancy (ACCA FIA)

Eligibility Criteria

  • SPM 8A (A+, A, A-)
  • Applicable for 2021 intakes with Academic Certificate validity of year 2020 prior to joining Sunway College (KL)

Scholarship Value

  • Full tuition fee for ACCA FIA programme (7 ACCA FIA subjects and 2 college subjects)
  • 7 subjects’ exam fees for ACCA FIA programme
  • 6 papers exam fees for ACCA programme (Applied Skills Level)

Scholarship Application Procedure

  • Complete the Scholarship Application Form (Section A to Section C & Section H).Scholarship Application Form
  • Prepare supporting documents (original and photocopy) for verification purpose.
  • Email Scholarship Application Form along with supporting documents to:
    - Admissions at or 
    - Submit hard copy to Information Centre, Level 6, Sunway College Velocity. 
  • Processing period of Application: 1 month from intake date.
  • A copy of the Scholarship Offer Letter will be sent to the student’s iMail account.

1. Processing period of Application: 1 month from intake date.
2. Scholarship Deduction: 2nd semester onwards.

Application Deadline

Two (2) weeks after commencement of programme OR Two (2) weeks after the release of actual results

*For students with IGCSE qualification, ACTUAL RESULTS refers to the Statement of Results or the final Certificate issued by the following examination board: 

  • Cambridge Assessment International Examination (CAIE) 
  • AQA 
  • Pearson 

Online/statement of results stated as ‘Provisional Results Information’ will NOT be accepted for scholarship application. We understand that some schools will only be receiving the Statement of Results/Certificate 2-3 months later. That is fine as our deadline policy is ‘2 weeks from the release of the actual results’. Therefore, you have 2 weeks from the time you receive the Statement of Results/Certificate to submit your scholarship application to Scholarship Unit. 

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