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Stories of Success

Kok Ying Fan

ACCA Prize Winner

  • P5 Advanced Performance Management, First Placing in Malaysia, June 2012 Examination
  • Second Placing Top Affiliates, June 2012 Examination

CAT Prize Winner

  • T10 Managing Finances, First Placing in Malaysia, December 2010 Examination
  • T4 Accounting for Costs, First Placing in Malaysia, June 2010 Examination

School of Art & Design

6th Malaysia Footwear Design Competition (MFDC) 2013 participation progressing to the International Shoe Design Competition, Guangzhou, China.

  • Ladies Shoes Design Category - Top 10 : Renee Lau Hui Jiunn


Yeoh Zi Cheng

ACCA Prize Winner

  • F8 Audit and Assurance, First Placing in Malaysia, June 2011 Examination

Chung Yen Wei

CAT Prize Winner

  • T7 Planning, Control and Performance Management, First Placing in Malaysia June 2011 Examination


School of Art & Design Final Project Presentation