At Sunway College Ipoh, education is not just about gathering qualifications but is an interesting and rewarding learning experience that can enhance many aspects of your life. 

Our Programmes

Sunway College Ipoh offers a wide range of Professional, Pre-University and Diploma programmes which lead to qualifications that are relevant to market needs, and which enhance the employability of young professionals today.


CAT  -  JPT/BPP (K) (A11664) 08/20    
ACCA  -  JPT/BPP (K) (A11663) 08/20

JPT/BPP (K) (MQA/FA1833) 03/23

JPT/BPP (K) (A6990) 09/21

JPT/BPP (K) (A6991) 09/21



JPT/BPP (K) (A6031) 09/20

JPT/BPP (K) (MQA/PA8995) 12/22

JPT/BPP (K) (A7893) 05/22


JPT/BPP (K) (A6993) 09/21



Total Programmes: 9 




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Perak State Chinese New Year 2019 Celebration

KOHIJAU "Trash2Cash Recycling System" Talk

KOHIJAU "Ipoh City Cleanliness Campaign" 2019

January 2019 Intake Orientation Programme

"Canning Dim Sum Charity Project" Officiating Ceremony

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