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Media Release

Design for Tomorrow

The School of Art & Design (SAND) continues to nurture young talents into future designers.  It aspires to be one step ahead in manifesting innovative design ideas and solutions among its counterparts.


Students' Achievement Day

A special presentation ceremony in honour of students' achievements as recipients of the Nanyang Tertiary Education Fund 2018, The Principal Scholarship 2018, Special Scholarship 2018 and The Principal's List March 2018 Semester awards respectively was conducted on 17 August 2018.


High Achiever Award 2017 & 2018

An Award Presentation ceremony was organised in recognition of students' achievements and excellence particularly the High Achievers of 2017 & 2018 namely Chia Tze Teng of the ACCA programme with Hee Yong Wai of the CAT programme and Ong Xian Guan, a Diploma in Business Administration graduate.


The Star Education Fund 2017 Award Presentation

The Star Education Fund 2017 Scholarship were awarded to the recipients, amongst them were SCI students, Chong Lin Lee (Diploma in Business Administration) & Goh Kai Ying (Diploma in Marketing) in an official presentation ceremony on 27 September 2017.


The Ideation Challenge: Beyond The Ordinary 2017

The Ideation Challenge: Beyond The Ordinary held at the Bulatan Amanjaya, Meru, Ipoh as one of the supporting programmes of the main Perak Festival of Ideas (PFoI) 2017 event to celebrate ideas and innovation, in conjunction with Pangkor Dialogue 2017, was organised on 7 September 2017.



School of Accounting ACCA Approved Learning Partner (ALP) Platinum Excellence

In conjunction with the ACCA Approved Learning Partner (ALP) Platinum Excellence was organised in celebration of exceeding the World Pass Rate in the June 2017 Examination in addition to achieving Approved Learning Partner (ALP) Platinum status for 5 consecutive years.


Malaysian Footwear Design Competition (MFDC) 2016

The Final Judging & Results Announcement of the 9th MFCD was held at the Kinta Riverfront Hotel & Suites on 17 October 2016.  SCI was represented by 4 School of Art & Design Students with 3 Entries amongst the Top 12 Selection and 1 emerging as the 1st Runner-Up Winner.


School Of Accounting Academic Achievement

As an ACCA Approved Learning Partner (ALP) Platinum, it is with pride to announce the achievement of the School of Accounting i.e. the team of dedicated Lecturers and committed Students, for the excellent ACCA June 2016 Examination results.


National Association Of Women Entrepreneurs Of Malaysia (NAWEM) 2015

Presenting The Quattro, Award Winner of the 'from Good to Great' Innovation in Business (Tertiary Level) of the National Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Malaysia (NAWEM) Conference 2015.


A Partnership For Learning

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between Edinburgh Napier University (ENU), United Kingdom and Sunway College Ipoh, establishing a strategic higher education partnership on 19 September 2014.

Marketing In Practice

In conjunction with Sunway College Ipoh's 10th Anniversary, the "Marketing In Practice" Students' Sales & Marketing team has successfully organised an event as part of its course project.  It was, in essence, a platform for business students to apply marketing principles learned in the classroom and to experience how it works in real life.

The Star Education Fair 2014

The 27th Edition of the One-Stop Education Extravaganza features over 90 exhibitors comprising Malaysian and Foreign institutions, giving strong support and making their presence felt, which include Sunway Education Group among others.  This year, there are more than 30 partners offering over 230 scholarships worth close to RM10 million.

Charity Car Wash 2013

Sunway College Ipoh (SCI) recently held a Charity Car Wash organised by the Student Council.  This charity event was held with the aim of raising funds for the Ipoh Boys Home, a charity organisation.  The car wash drive started at 10.30 am and lasted until 5.00 pm with students from Sunway College Ipoh taking turns to wash the cars driven in.


Scholarships for the Poor

Sunway College Ipoh has entrusted One Caring Heart Malaysia to fulfil the mission of Education Initiative Charity through the allocation of scholarships for children of single mothers and poor families.  The scholarship of RM200,000 was presented by the Principal of Sunway College Ipoh to the President of One Caring Heart Malaysia.


Sunway College Offers Scholarships to The Needy

Sunway College Ipoh has offered RM200,000 worth of scholarships to One Caring Heart Malaysia.  The scholarships are for children of single mothers and poor families through a partnership programme between the the two organisations called the Education Initiative Charity.



Western Michigan University (WMU) Visit