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All completing students are automatically registered as alumni to enable them to keep in touch and continue to benefit as each graduate embarks on their next phase of life after College.

Alumni benefits include:

1 Opportunity to expand social and professional network

2 Opportunity to enhance personal and professional development

3 Opportunity to participate in College organised activities

4 Invitations to exclusive 'Alumni-only' events



quoteIt is undeniable that ACCA is one of the top accountancy qualifications recognised and highly valued by employers worldwide which means ACCA graduates are employable in almost every corner of this world. The ACCA qualification also provides us with complete flexibility in our career choice. We can work in any business sector be it the public or private practice in areas of financial services and having said that, I am currently working at one of the Big Four accounting firms in Johor Bahru

Besides the advantage of attaining the ACCA qualification, the most important thing I wish to stress is the challenge faced by many - which is proficiency in the English Language. Fortunately for me, Sunway College JB's emphasis on delivering all lessons in English gave students the opportunity to be exposed to the language on a daily basis."

Lee Chong Chin
ACCA Alumni


quoteTo be the best of my memory, Sunway College JB has provided me with an excellent learning environment. My gratitude to the wonderful team of teaching staff who have helped me overcome my learning differences. With the help of the dedicated staff, I achieved excellent results for my A-Levels which enabled me to gain entry into UCL (University College London). I have just completed my undergraduate and masters' studies in Civil Engineering at UCL. I have secured a job with an Australian Engineering consultant firm in Singapore and I am also accepted to pursue my PhD in UTM next year.

To the existing students, I encourage all of you to keep on learning and working hard, to keep Sunway's flag flying high, and together with other Malaysians, take our country to her next stage of development."

Lee Zhi Jie
Cambridge A-Levels Alumni


quoteI must say that looking back to my AUSMAT year, I feel like I did make the right choice in my choice of both the course and College.

AUSMAT taught me how to think critically, not to rely on 'spoon-feeding' and taught me how to do referencing. I felt I have proven a point when I received the Special Course Award, in recognition of my outstanding performance and results for English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EALD) - that Malaysians can read, write and speak good English.

Sunway College JB may be a small campus but I have met some of the coolest lecturers and spent good times with my friends."

Chloe Yap Wen Ting
Australian Matriculation Alumni


quoteI really had a great experience in Sunway College JB. A mish-mash of memories there that sometimes I just want to go back and relive those memories again. I couldn't have done it without the awesome people, my lecturers.

It was never about the facilities for me. It was about how much my lecturers sacrificed for me. They gave their time for me, even after work hours, they explained every single thing to me in detail. Even when I didn't understand, I would ask and ask till I did.

All my lecturers gave me something money couldn't buy and this is why I recommend Sunway College Johor Bahru."

Jason Gilbert Joseph
Diploma in Business Administration Alumni


quoteIn 2009, I enrolled in the Diploma in Information Technology programme with one thing in mind, to study computers. I remember my first lesson during the course which was a subject called computing principles. It was extremely easy for me as it seemed that everything was common sense.

I would say, semester after semester, I learnt more and more. Learning at Sunway College JB was not a case of the lecturers feeding us with fresh and deep revelations in computing. Rather, it was us students having the initiative to discover for ourselves and knowning that lecturers were there to walk the journey with us."

Aloysius Ang Yu Chien
Diploma in Information Technology Alumni


quoteI have truly grown since being a student at Sunway College Johor Bahru as I had the opportunity to learn from experienced lecturers who guided me along my way in pursuit of my Diploma in Hotel Management. The hospitality industry is booming and there are many avenues for us to explore career opportunities.

For me, this industry is fun and creative, even though the working hours are unstable, but you will be able to meet great people with great laughs who make our lives sweeter and so much more interesting. An important lesson I have learnt - you can climb your way up the career ladder very quickly. If you work hard, acquire your qualifications, get on with customers and colleagues, and show initiative, very soon, you'll find yourself in a senior position, managing people and projects."

Tan Zai Qi
Diploma in Hotel Management Alumni


quoteSunway College JB had already built its brand name and my brother and sister had also studied there prior to my joining. One particular reason that pulled me to College was the MUFY programme (Monash was my first choice of university), and seeing the excellent track record of its students and prospects offered, I knew it was the right choice for me.

My most memorable experiences at College would definitely be the co-curricular actitivities where I served as a Student Ambassador as well vice president of the Community Outreach Club. Under the guidance and mentorship of excellent advisors, I feel that the experiences as a whole have nurtured my leadership capabilities in addition to teaching me to give back to society"

Shahandyka Ozal Mohamed Kasim
Monash University Foundation Year Alumni


quoteWhen I first started, Sunway College JB had only been established for around 5 years. Many would have chosen other colleges with a longer history. However, Sunway was still my top choice as it is with no doubt, the best College in Johor - offering a variety of programmes from pre-university to degree level, with acclaimed student achievements.

My time and memories during College years were precious and invaluable. Classes were enjoyable as the lecturers are always trying their best to make lessons interesting. Friends were fun and jovial to be with, and were always there when I needed support. There were ups and downs, but together, we are a big family - aiding each other towards success."

Krystin Law Su Ling
Victoria University Bachelor of Business Alumni





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