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Study for an Australian Business Degree in JB - the VU advantage! | 11am via ZOOM

What is the VU advantage? Attend the forum to understand the key features of each specialisation – Accounting, Banking and Finance, Management and Innovation and Marketing. Learn how the flexibility of the VU twinning model can help you save $$$ to secure the same Australian business degree.



What’s Next After IGCSE? | 2pm via ZOOM

Prepare well for university by enrolling into a globally recognised Pre-U programme! Find out how students can bridge the gap and be university-ready, both academically and personally with the right pathway and an effective learning support system.



As an extension to Info Day, a special preview on Pre-U subjects will also be conducted for interested students (and parents) who wish to understand the key differences in the emphasis, delivery and assessment of each subject.

24 January, Sunday via ZOOM

 11am-12nn Pure Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics)
 12nn-1pm Mathematics (all variants)
 1pm-2pm Non-Sciences (Business, Economics, Computer Science/Information & Communication Technology)



Personality and Career Interest Test

Designed to assist students in identifying their personality-based career interest and understanding available education pathways to arrive at their career choices. Students will undertake a personality profiling test as a tool to identify career interest according six occupational themes - Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional (RIASEC).

Take the test HERE


Ask Us Now!

Still wondering how to navigate the crossroads after IGCSE, O-levels, SPM, UEC or STPM? Consult our education counsellors about options to match career goals, financial resources and academic results.


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