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D.A.R.E Entrepreneur Roadshow

The Diploma in Business Administration, Marketing & Bussiness Information System students had the opportunity to participate in a field trip - D.A.R.E Entrepreneur Roadshow.  The objective of this outcome was for students to capitalise on the Workshop/Talk/Seminar organised as part of their Out-Of-Classroom learning process.

Perak Arts Festival 2012

The Perak Arts Festival was recently held at Dataran MBI over 3 days from 14 to 16 September 2012 that witnessed the participation of Sunway College Ipoh students.

Indian Cultural Club

The Indian Cultural Club recently organised the Indian New Year celebration by combining the celebration of many enthic groups from the Indian community.  The Sikhs, Tamilians and Malayalee celebrated their respective New Years within the same week this year hence creating a reason for the celebration in the college.  Students from other ethnicity also enjoyed themselves with great activities lined up by the Committee as well as a lunch treat prepared by the Host Club.

Ipoh Bug @ YMCA Ipoh

A friendly match were organised between Sunway College Ipoh's Diploma in Business Administration and Diploma in Marketing students and Ipoh Bug on 14 April 2012 in YMCA Ipoh.


SCI KPOP Dance held on 11th Feb 2012 as part of the orientation program for the new intake students.

Awards & Graduation Ceremony


January 2018 Intake Orientation Programme II