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Sunway College Ipoh offers a wide range of professional and diploma programmes which lead to qualifications that are relevant to market needs, and which enhance the employability of young professionals today.  Sunway diploma graduates can also embark upon undergraduate degree studies with advanced standing.

Our programmes cover an interesting range of courses, and are taught by qualified lecturer with the academic and industrial of experiences to make learning relevant.  They bring work-related and practical examples into the classroom.

Course materials are updated regularly to include industrial and business changes and trends.  The campus is also well equipped with the hardware and software necessary to offer students an effective and enjoyable learning environment.

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Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) Compulsory General Studies Subjects/Matapelajaran Umum (MPU) & Bahasa Kebangsaan Requirement

For Professional Accounting Qualification and Diploma Programme :

Malaysian and International Students are required to pass MOHE Compulsory General Studies subjects.  Additionally, Local Students who do not have SPM qualification or did not obtain a Credit in Bahasa Melayu at SPM, are required to pass Bahasa Kebangsaan A.

For Professional Accounting Qualification :

Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) requires Local Students to possess a MUET with minimum Band 2 or an International English proficiency qualification in order to register for the ACCA programme.

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