About Us

What We Do ?

Social Business Conferences: YSBC@SEG conducts and hosts high impact social business conferences which focus on educating the public and creating a social business network which essentially will bridges Social Business development in Malaysia and globally. These conferences will provide an engaging platform which fosters dialogues in relation to social business, its effectiveness towards eradicating poverty and a sustainable economic ecosystem through panel sessions, exhibition of social enterprises and networking sessions.

Life-Skill Workshops: In our quest to achieve a world of zero unemployment, YSBC@ SEG delivers life-skill workshops to our students and the public to cultivate the social business culture for the power of good. Through joining forces with the versatile faculties of Sunway University and the Sunway Innovation Labs – (iLabs), the life-skill workshops are designed to help the community garner employable and entrepreneurial skills.

Pecha Kucha Social Business Talk: A candid pictorial based engagement session which provides a platform for social business entrepreneurs to share their story and educate the public. The Pecha Kucha style which is a visual story telling that celebrates humanity acts as an effective method to inspire and educate the people about social business and complements Sunway Education Group’s vision of lifelong learning. The social business talk brings together inspirational personalities from a versatile social business background to engage and network with the public and other social business entrepreneurs to spark ideas and thoughts towards crafting the necessary entrepreneurial shift towards the business ecosystem and a sustainable future.

Impact Assessment and reports: YSBC@ SEG utilises the excellence of the academic faculty and the credibility of Sunway University to help social enterprise to provide impact assessment and reports. Impact assessment and reports are condensed information which derives from raw data and presents key figures and comprehended output to cover in-depth and dedicated assessment towards particular activities or campaigns of an enterprise to factually and visually showcase the impact of their efforts and value in return for every cent invested to inform the key stakeholders and attract investment.