About Us

What We Do ?

Through a diverse range of programmes catering towards social business, the centre utilises the versatile resources available at Sunway Education Group to educate the public about social business as a vehicle for social good.

Social Business Conferences: We conduct and host social business conferences which concentrates on creating a dialogue in relation to social business, its effectiveness towards eradicating poverty, exhibit social enterprises and build a sustainable ecosystem pertaining to social business.

Life-Skills Workshops: In our quest to achieve a world of zero unemployment, the life-skills workshops are designed to help the community to gain employable and entrepreneurial skills from the diverse faculty of Sunway University, business accelerator – Sunway iLabs and social enterprises across Malaysia.

Social Business Talks: A platform for social entrepreneurs and educators to engage with the public to highlight the various aspects of social business like it’s operation, challenges, opportunities and the way forward towards creating solution and the sustainability of social enterprises.

Education and Research: Integrated social business modules in the academic offerings of Sunway Education Group and conduct cross disciplinary research in addressing key gaps in relation to social business.