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Scholarship Terms and Conditions

Before submit the scholarship application, please ensure that you are aware of:

  1. Type of Scholarship that you would like to apply
  2. Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

Scholarships Brochure 2022

Online Scholarship Application

Please note that the ACTUAL RESULTS for student with IGCSE qualification that we refer to is the Statement of Results or the final Certificate issued by the following examination board:

  • Cambridge Assessment International Examination (CAIE)
  • AQA
  • Pearson

Therefore, please note that online/statement of results stated as ‘Provisional Results Information’ will NOT be accepted for scholarship application.

We understand that some schools will only be receiving the Statement of Results/Certificate 2-3 months later. Your respective school will contact you to collect the Statement of Results/Certificate when it is ready. That is fine as our deadline policy is ‘2 weeks from the release of the actual results’.

Therefore, you have 2 weeks from the time you receive the Statement of Results/Certificate to submit your scholarship application to Scholarship Unit.

Sunway-ACCA Global Leader Scholarship

  • ACCA Foundation in Accountancy (ACCA FIA)

1. SPM/ Cambridge GCE O-Level: 8A (A+, A, A-)

2. Applicable for 2022 intakes with Academic Certificate validity of year 2021 prior to joining Sunway College (KL).

1. Full tuition fee for ACCA FIA programme (7 ACCA FIA subjects and 2 college subjects)

2. 7 subjects exam fees for ACCA FIA programme **

3. 6 papers exam fees for ACCA programme (Applied Skills Level)

** Scholarship is offered to applicant with actual result
Applicant attended any external final examination prior receiving to the scholarship offer, the relevant external examination fees paid for the 1st semester is not covered by the scholarship

Attach the certified true copy document(s) for the Online Scholarship Application:
SPM/ O-Level certificate

  1. Complete the Online Scholarship Application Form, with the required supporting documents:
  2. Processing Period of Application: A period of 1 month from the intake date.
  3. A copy of the Scholarship Offer Letter will be sent to the student’s IMail account.
  4. Scholarship Deduction: 2nd semester onwards.

One (1) weeks after commencement of programmes OR one (1) weeks after the release of actual results.

  1. Only Malaysian citizens are eligible to apply.
  2. Please refer to the General Terms & Conditions that apply to all scholarships offered by Sunway University & Sunway College (KL).
  3. Scholarship offered is based on Academic Certificate validity 1 year prior to joining Sunway College (KL) – year 2021.
  4. For SPM/ STPM 2021 students, the 1 year Academic Certificate validity is referring to the actual result release date.
  5. The scholarship is offered strictly to full time registered students of Sunway College (KL) upon settlement of the first semester fees. It is mandatory that the recipient completes the entire duration of the course.
  6. The scholarship recipient need not make further semester tuition fee payments upon securing the scholarship. Any excess amount paid in the first semester will be reimbursed upon successful completion of the ACCA Foundation in Accountancy (ACCA FIA) programme.