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Please note that the ACTUAL RESULTS for student with IGCSE qualification that we refer to is the Statement of Results or the final Certificate issued by the following examination board:

  • Cambridge Assessment International Examination (CAIE)
  • AQA
  • Pearson

Therefore, please note that online/statement of results stated as ‘Provisional Results Information’ will NOT be accepted for scholarship application.

We understand that some schools will only be receiving the Statement of Results/Certificate 2-3 months later. Your respective school will contact you to collect the Statement of Results/Certificate when it is ready. That is fine as our deadline policy is ‘2 weeks from the release of the actual results’.

Therefore, you have 2 weeks from the time you receive the Statement of Results/Certificate to submit your scholarship application to Scholarship Unit.

Graduate Excellence Programme (GrEP) 2020

MARA offers education loans in the form of convertible loans for Post Graduate levels (Master’s Degree and Doctor of Philosophy) at leading Institutions of Higher Education locally and abroad to outstanding graduates in fields that have a significant impact on national employment needs.

Specifically for post-Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree students to further their studies in Master’s and Doctoral degrees in fields and universities set by MARA.

Master Programmes
Master in Health Science
Master in International Hospitality Management
Master in Medical Science
Master in Public Policy
Master in Sustainable Development Management
Master of Arts in Creative Arts and Media
Master of Arts in Visual Communication and Media Studies
Master of Human Resource Management
Master of Marketing
Master of Science in Actuarial Science
Master of Science in Computer Science (by Research)
Master of Science in Information Systems
Master of Science in Life Sciences
Master of Science in Psychology

Doctor of Philosophy Programmes
Doctor of Philosophy (Business)
Doctor of Philosophy (Computing)
Doctor of Philosophy in Biology
Doctor of Philosophy in Creative Arts and Media
Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematical Sciences
Doctor of Philosophy in Medical Science


  1. The applicant is Malay / Bumiputera and Malaysian citizen.
  2. Either the mother OR father is Malay/ Bumiputera and is a Malaysian citizen.
  3. Applicant age limit requirements :-




    Master’s Degree


    Not more than 40 years


    Not more than 35 years

    Doctor of Philosophy


    Not more than 45 years


    Not more than 40 years

  4. Graduated at the First Degree / Master’s Degree level with outstanding academic achievement.
  5. Study in the current year.
  6. Applicant / Mother / Father / Guardian are not included in MARA’s blacklist or legal action.
  7. Applicants do not receive financial/ sponsorship assistance from any agency for the same degree (double sponsor).
  8. The courses enrolled in are courses recognized by the Malaysian Government and the Professional Body of Malaysia.
  9. Has never been terminated by any sponsor for disciplinary action that is unlawful and has no criminal record.
  10. Free from chronic illnesses / infectious diseases / diseases that require follow-up treatment and are able to study until completion.
  11. Obtain release / deferment of service contract or repayment of loan from other sponsor bodies (except MARA) for previous study (for those applicable).
  12. Students must have completed their First Degree / Master’s Degree at the time of application.
  13. This application is open for full-time coursework or research or mix mode.
  14. MARA employees and MARA subsidiaries are not eligible to apply for this loan.
  15. Subject to the current policies and conditions in force.




Master’s Degree

Possess a Bachelor's Degree recognized by the government with a minimum CGPA of 3.00 or its equivalent.

Doctor of Philosophy

Possess a Master’s Degree recognized by the government with a minimum CGPA of 3.50 or its equivalent.

2.1 Applicants who are currently studying or are about to begin their studies before or after 31 December 2020.
2.2 Applicants who are currently studying must have at least 1 year of remaining study term for Master's Degree and 2 years of PhD.
2.3 Applicants who plan to study locally must obtain an offer of study from the Institutions.
2.4 Applicants must not already possess the same for which they are applying.
2.5 The courses applied must possess accreditation from the Public Service Department (PSD).
2.6 Application is open to full time study only.

MARA reserves the right to terminate or withdraw the loan offer at any point in time if the information is false or inaccurate.

  • Application for year 2020 is now closed. Application for year 2021 will be announced by MARA.
  • Applicant must meet the general requirements and academic requirements.
  • If false information given by the applicant, MARA reserves the right to terminate or withdraw the loan offer.

For further information, please contact us at