Yayasan ANGKASA Education Financing

Providing convertible loans to co-operative members, children of co-operative members that are pursuing full time, part time or distance learning bachelor’s degree, master and doctor of philosophy in Public or Private Higher Education Institutions in Malaysia

Bachelor’s degree, master or doctor of philosophy in the field of co-operative management, co-operative entrepreneurial management, finance management, science and technology, business management, investment management, accounting, law, engineering, biotechnology or related fields relevant to co-operative development.

Basic Criteria:
  1. Malaysian citizen;
  2. Co-operative member;
  3. Children of co-operative member;
  4. Received the offer to enrol full time/part time studies from public or private higher education institution.
  5. Maximum duration of studies is four (4) years (applies to full time mode only)
  6. The applicant does not receive financial support / sponsorship of any other sponsorship body.


Age Criteria:





Co-operative member

Children of co-operative member

Not more than 25 years old

Not more than 40 years old


Co-operative member

Not more than 40 years old


Co-operative member

Not more than 40 years old


Academic Qualification:

  1. Degree
    • Diploma or matriculation with at least 3.00 CGPA; or
    • STPM or recognized with at least (B-) in General Studies subject and 2 other subjects; or
    • STAM or equivalent with at least (5) Jayyid-Jiddan from any subjects and with knowledge in the field of computing and English.
  2. Master
    • Degree with at least 3.00 GCPA
  3. PhD
    • Master with at least 3.00 CGPA

  • Applications can be made online through Yayasan ANGKASA official website at https://www.yayasanangkasa.coop each year from 1st August until 31st October.
  • Candidates must buy a pin before submitting the application through JomPAY.
    Biller code : 86231
    Ref-1:IC number
    Ref-2 : Phone number

  1. The loan offered by Yayasan ANGKASA is convertible into a full or partial scholarship depending on the following situations:
    • 100% scholarship: Obtain CGPA of 3.67-4.00 or First Class Honours
    • 60% scholarship: Obtain CGPA of 3.00-3.66 or Second Class Upper
    • 100% loan : Others
  2. The loan offered will not be charged any interest.
  3. Loan repayment must be made at the end of the month six months after graduation.

Inquiries about the loan can be made by contacting:

Operations Department (Student Affairs) Yayasan ANGKASA
Phone: 03-78809358
Email: pinjaman@yayasanangkasa.coop

Finance and Administration Department Yayasan ANGKASA
Phone: 03-78806358
Email: unit.kewangan@yayasanangkasa.coop

Collection Department Yayasan ANGKASA
Phone: 03-78805358
Email: bayaranbalik@yayasanangkasa.coop