Combating Fake News

Dear students, members of the Sunway Education Group and the larger Sunway community,

We wish to highlight that there is a FAKE SEG COVID-19 Advisory 11 currently in circulation. This fake advisory uses the SEG letterhead and the CEO’s name. The advisory claims that we have a case of COVID-19 on one of our campuses and goes on to provide some recommendations. This fake advisory is dated 1 April 2020 and at the end of the message reveals itself as an April Fools’ prank.

SEG takes this ill-timed and dangerous prank seriously as it has the potential to cause harm and unnecessarily elevate the levels of anxiety and concern that are already high because of the crisis. This inappropriate act is also a form of forgery and serious criminal offence according to our legal advisors.

As advised, we have no option but to report this irresponsible act to the authorities. We call upon all of you to help reassure our Sunway family that this is FAKE NEWS. Thus far, we have had NO COVID-19 cases reported on any of our SEG premises.

At SEG, we pay serious attention towards preparing each of our communiqué to our community via our SEG COVID-19 Advisories. These official advisories offer legitimate information, transparency and even comfort to our community of students, staff and families. For official advisories, please refer to the SEG COVID-19 advisory page:


The Management
Sunway Education Group

1 April 2020 @ 1700 hours