Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will the Sunway University and Sunway College be closed?

The Sunway campus will be closed from 18th March - 14th April 2020 following the government’s Movement Control Order which is to minimise Covid-19 infection. Students and staff should not be on campus during this period. The campus will re-open on Wednesday 14th April 2020.

When will the new semester commence for students?

Please refer to the respective schools, programmes or departments

During the closure period, will the student residences be closed too?

The student residences on Sunway campus will remain open to residents throughout the campus closure period.

What are the steps taken by the University to protect the community?

Our staff, students and the campus community remain our priority. Health advisories are placed at suitable places, visible to the public. The campus avails hand sanitizers, sterilising kits, masks and thermometers to support the prevention methods as precautionary measures. Our administrative and academic staff have also been briefed about the virus and the steps to be taken.

What are the contingency plans for remote learning?

Online learning has been prepared by the University and College during this Movement Control Order period. Please refer to the respective institution's Teaching and Learning page or programme for more information.

For the latest updates, how will the University and College maintain communication with the students and staff?

Important announcements and updates will be posted on the University's or College's website and social media platforms. The University and College will also communicate via all available platforms including e-Learn, iZone, emails, WhatsApp, etc.

Are students and staff allowed to travel abroad?

With immediate effect, all student mobility programs will be suspended until further notice for both inbound and outbound.
For staff travels, please adhere to the latest travel advisory provided by the Malaysian National Security Council.