Sunway University Launches Board Game to Celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
To commemorate the 5th Anniversary of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Sunway University released a board game “Are You the Master of Sustainability?”

This multiplayer board game aims to become a vehicle to mainstream education for sustainable development as mandated by SDG 4: Quality Education Target 7 “to ensure that all learners acquire the knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development.” The game highlights key societal issues – water security, land degradation, plastic pollution, greenhouse gases, gender inequality. Players are exposed to a range of issues through a simple gameplay mechanism which encourages learners to transition from local to global perspectives...
Featured in UN Guide on Accelerating Education for the SDGs: Sunway University Case Study
Sunway University is a case study featured in an internationally released guide on Accelerating Education for the SDGs launched on 21st September 2020 by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, which operates under the auspices of the United Nations Secretary-General.

“It is very easy to say what universities should do about education for sustainable development, but the actual reality of what this looks like is a lot more complex,” says Tahl Kestin, one of the guide’s authors during the launch. This guide is organised in a user-friendly manner to inspire, empower and mobilise universities and higher education institutions across the globe to provide students with the necessary knowledge, training, and skills to contribute solutions to the world’s pressing issues in light of the 2030 Agenda deadline...
From Farm to Table: Sunway’s FutureX Farm’s First Harvest + FAQ
Sunway’s FutureX Farm has successfully delivered its first full harvest. On 29th September 2020, Sunway University students and staff were able to conveniently purchase same-day harvest vegetables at a mini-booth set up at Makerspace in the university foyer. At the same time, the Campus with a Conscience Team at Sunway University took this opportunity to interview Koo Tse Chien, the Community Manager at FutureX Farm...  ›
From Silicon Valley to Sunway: Encoding 42 Kuala Lumpur at Sunway Education Group
You may have already heard about the recent establishment of Ecole 42 Kuala Lumpur at Sunway Education Group which was launched in July 2020. If you haven’t…in a nutshell, 42KL is a tuition-free computer programming school with a peer-to-peer learning environment that doesn’t involve teachers and lecturers. 42KL is an innovate education model that is designed to develop the skills needed to jumpstart a career as a software engineer using project-based learning approach...  ›
Sunway College Student Council – 50 Acts of Sustainability
“50 Acts of Sustainability started out as a simple initiative, hoping to influence Sunway students to start making small changes in their daily lives for the benefit of the environment,” comments Vivian Beh Wei Ean, Secretary of Sunway College Student Council. This social media campaign was carried out to raise awareness on the myriad of individual, daily, easily attainable actions for a sustainable future. Championed by the Sunway College Student Council, the campaign was entitled 50 Acts of Sustainability and encourages all students to be more mindful of their choices and to start playing a part in making the world a better place...  ›
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