Say “No” to Plastics!
The Last Straw Campaign organised a marketplace during the week of 2nd to 6th March 2020 at the Sunway College Boulevard. The marketplace hosted vendors and organisations with ideas, items and innovations for plastic reduction in daily life.

The impetus for the marketplace was to reduce plastic usage by encouraging uptake of reusable containers by providing viable alternatives to the Sunway Education Group staff and students. The objective was to create a 3R culture of reduce, reuse and recycle...
Sunway Education Group has Collected 25.3 tonnes of e-Waste Since 2012
Since 2012, Sunway Education Group has inculcated a biannual collection of e-Waste from its staff and students. To participate, members of the Sunway Education Group community make an effort to separate e-Waste from regular household waste and drop off these items at dedicated locations on campus. Items collected are sent to a Department of Environment licensed e-Waste recovery facility which recycles and disposes with safeguards to environmental and human health...  ›
Five Ways You Can Safeguard Malaysia’s Forests
Primary rainforests are important for biodiversity and store more carbon than other forest types. These forests have been around for decades and are located in tropical regions such as Malaysia. Loss of such forest equates to a permanent loss of biodiversity and a release of previously captured carbon into the atmosphere...  ›
Sunway Education Group Sets Up Dedicated COVID-19 Student Support Fund
At Sunway Education Group (SEG), we understand and care for the safety and welfare of our students, especially those who are affected by the Movement Control Order (MCO) amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The newly launched Sunway Education Group COVID-19 Student Support Fund successfully raised RM33,600 recently, through the generous contribution from parents, alumni, staff, students, student leadership bodies, individuals and friends of the University and College...  ›
Creating a Sustainable Brand Using A Sunway Case Study
Business sustainability is essential to the long-term prosperity of global companies. But what does this mean in practice and how is sustainability defined? Today’s smart business leaders know that business operations occur in a fishbowl, where everything is on display and social media enables news and information to travel around the world within seconds. They are also operating in a world where many governments are hard-pressed to provide a stable, secure environment for businesses to operate...  ›
Quarantine Kits & Contactless Cash Transfer for Inbound International Students during MCO
International students residing in Malaysia during the MCO faced barriers carrying out financial transactions from their home countries, some of which faced stricter lockdown policies. These students were unable to receive funds in a timely manner from their parents to support daily living expenses. Under such circumstances, the International Office saw the need to set up an emergency donation fund to aid students who sought immediate financial assistance. The IO team, in close contact with Sunway Monash Residence...  ›
Earth Day 2020: Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) Malaysia Conversation on What is Happiness?
In conjunction with Earth Day 2020, the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network Malaysian chapter brought together insights from five distinguished experts across different disciplines and social backgrounds to expand on the notion of happiness in an era of sustainable development. The one-hour programme was hosted as part of the SDSN Global 24-hour Happiness & Sustainability Webinar which saw programming by SDSN chapters around the world. SDSN Malaysia presented a discussion of the conditions for human happiness from the disciplines of anthropology, human rights, psychology...  ›
Malaysia’s First Fully Immersive Recycling VR Game
Global plastic recycling rates are 14% with effective recucling only constituting 2%. To encourage uptake of recycling behaviour, the Center for Research-Creation in Digital Media (CRCDM) at Sunway University has rolled out Malaysia’s First Fully Immersive Recycling VR Game.

The game was presented/experienced for the first time during the Malaysia’s biggest United Nations Concert/Event ‘Rock the Goals’ held on 25th September 2019 in Sunway University.The player’s task is to use the Virtual RC to control the character and force him to jump into the recycling container...
Creating a Cleaner and Greener Planet One Seed at a Time
Students from the Sunway Environmental Society conducted the Sunway University Prospectus Planting Initiative where they planted the first page of the university prospectus, which was made from recycled paper embedded with seeds.

Creating prospectuses from 100% recycled paper encourages students and visitors to the Sunway campus to emulate environmental consciousness in their everyday choices. Paper made from recycled pulp emits less greenhouse gas than virgin pulp. These seeds are expected to healthily sprout into wildflowers and are located at the campus urban garden...
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