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Diploma in Culinary Arts

JPT / BPP (U) (N 811/4/0013) 02/6

Intakes Duration Accredited by
January, April, August
 2 years and 20 weeks of Internship
The Diploma in Culinary Arts programme is designed to develop enterprising and creative professionals who embrace contemporary technologies and practices in line with international culinary standards. This diploma provides a comprehensive range of learning opportunities in areas such as Classical French Cuisine, Asian and International Cuisine, Culinary Artistry and Viennoiserie and Boulangerie. The Diploma in Culinary Arts is accredited by the Le Cordon Bleu, a world renowned hospitality and culinary institution, giving graduates a cutting-edge insight into the contemporary trends in culinary arts.
You will be a culinary professional:
  • who is an expert in culinary arts. with creative flair to come up with new dishes.
  • with excellent communication skills to deal with customers and supervise team members.
  • who can manage and run a food business.
Programme Structure
Year 1
Basic Culinary Techniques
Classical French Cuisine                         
Asian and International Cuisine
Food and Beverage Operations I
Food Safety and Sanitation
Food and Beverage Operations III
Business English I                                    
Beverage Studies
Business English II
Understanding Hospitality and Tourism Industry
Food and Beverage Operations II
Introduction to Information Technology
Business English II

Year 2
Principles of Accounting
Supervisory Skills
Viennoiserie and Boulangerie
Culinary Artistry
Restaurant Business Operations
Principles of Marketing
International Cultural Studies
Contemporary Cuisine
Kitchen Design and Ergonomics
Purchasing and Cost Control

Year 3 (6 months)
Electives (choose any 1 in Year 1)
Foreign Language – Elementary French
Foreign Language – Elementary Japanese

Additional MOE compulsory General Studies subjects are:

For Local students:
Malaysian Studies 2
Moral Education
Community Service
Bahasa Kebangsaan A (applicable to students who did not sit for SPM or did not obtain a Credit in SPM Bahasa Melayu)

For International students:
Malay Language for Communication 1
Moral Education
Community Service