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Prestigious Collaborations
An Educational Partnership for World-Class Degrees

Sunway University has a very strong strategic partnership with Lancaster University in the UK, which means that many of our degree programmes lead to dual awards with certificates awarded by both universities. Lancaster University was established in the UK by Royal Charter in 1964, and enjoys a world-class reputation for its excellence in teaching, scholarship and research.

Lancaster is ranked consistently among the highest quality institutions in the UK featuring in the top 12 in all of the major UK league tables. It is also ranked in the top 1% of universities worldwide. It is a member of the prestigious N8 Group, which consists of the eight most research-intensive universities in northern England.

Collaboration with an international partner of this prestige is a very special feature of Sunway. For graduates to obtain both a Sunway certificate and a certificate from a top quality British institution is a very special advantage of studying at Sunway University.

Lancaster University has risen two places to be ranked 9th nationally out of 126 UK universities and is the leading university in the North West according to the for 2016.

Lancaster Validation

Under the strategic partnership between the two universities, Lancaster validates most of Sunway’s degrees. This means that Lancaster regards such degrees offered at Sunway as equivalent to its own and issues its own degrees as well to successful graduates. Having successfully completed a dual award programme at Sunway and met the agreed criteria, graduates will therefore receive a certificate from Sunway University and a certificate from Lancaster University.

International Excellence in Hospitality Education

Le Cordon Bleu is one of the most highly respected organisations in the world devoted to the culinary arts and hospitality. Founded in Paris, it has a prestigious history and is renowned as arguably the most distinguished culinary arts school in the world. It is an organisation which stands for expertise, innovation, tradition and refinement in the culinary arts and for world class excellence in hospitality education.



Certification by Le Cordon Bleu

Sunway’s partnership with Le Cordon Bleu means that programmes in the fields of culinary arts and hospitality management are certified as meeting the very highest industry standards, as laid down by Le Cordon Bleu. In practice, this means that graduates from certified programmes receive two certificates: a degree or diploma from Sunway University together with a parchment from Le Cordon Bleu confirming that the graduate has completed a programme certified by Le Cordon Bleu as meeting its industry standards. Graduates therefore receive both academic recognition and industry recognition in the certificates that they receive. This very special arrangement gives Sunway graduates the edge in the highly competitive international hospitality industry.