A chat with Xandria Ooi

Xandria Ooi, 26, graduated from the Canadian International Matriculation Programme (CIMP) in 2001. She returned recently to give a talk to students on her newly-launched book, ‘Xandria Ooi – Love, Work and Everything in Between’.

Why did you choose to do CIMP?

CIMP was the perfect choice as the structure of the course resembles the ones at University, with a focus on course work, presentations and group assignments as well as examinations.

Why did you choose Sunway?

Because of the ample carpark space and the fact that the toilets had toilet paper! Hahaha seriously, I was vastly impressed by the campus and really liked the Director of CIMP back then – Mr. Terry Boucher. He was an inspiration and a friend as well as a teacher.

Were you still working part time when you were studying here at Sunway? What were you working as? How did you cope with your studies and work at the same time?

I was involved in the BRATs programme at The Star publication, which was a young journalist programme. I juggled studies and all my extracurricular activities quite well, simply because I was enjoying the experience. I didn’t need to go clubbing or to the movies to have fun. I had fun in school and at work!

How did you spend your leisure when you were a student? Where was your favourite hang-out?

I spent all my leisure time participating in activities in the BRATs programme (drama, jungle trekking, hosting an internet radio show) and helping organise events for the Sunway Student Council. My favourite hang out was college, honest!

What is that one thing you miss so much about when you were a student?

The long summer breaks!

What subject did you enjoy the most? Who was the lecturer then? What’s so special about that class or the lecturer?

World Issues in CIMP. My lecturer was Mr. Anderson and he was extremely kind. What made that class so special was that I was the top scorer for the term. It was rewarding!

What is your advice to students who are currently studying at Sunway?

Make college fun and remember to enjoy whatever it is that you’re doing.

Briefly, can you share with us what you have in mind for 2010?

I have just been appointed the ambassador/spokesperson of Kose and will be representing the popular Japanese brand for 2010. It’s a huge honour and I am very proud to be representing Malaysia. My production company, XO Productions, is currently working with the Institut Darul Ridzuan (IDR) of Perak to produce a television travel show to promote Perak. On a personal note, I am getting married this year, so there are lots to be done!

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