The Gift of Education from Sunway

Among the scholarships given by Sunway University College, perhaps the ones that are the most satisfying to award are the Tun Dato’ Seri Omar Ong Community Scholarships. These scholarships are not for academic achievers, nor for the “kings” and “queens” of sports or extra-curricular involvement. This little-known scholarship welcomes the forgotten youth who live in Homes or come from the impoverished community.

Ms Lee Siok Ping, Director of Student Services Department, who assists the Sunway Education Trust Fund to disperse scholarships said “This category of scholarships helps those individuals who are marginalised by society to be accepted and nourished to thrive in their own unique way”.

21 community scholarships have been given out so far since it first began four years ago. Two scholars, Jega and Candy look like typical University students in faded jeans and backpacks but both had difficult starts in life, worked before to support themselves and are now happy to be at Sunway University College.

For Jagadesan Chandra Mohan, who is currently pursuing the Diploma in IT and soon the Bachelor in Information Technology, his arrival at Sunway University College has opened a new world for him. Coming from a family where he lost his father at the age of 11 and his mother being a cancer patient, he is grateful to the School of Computer Technology lecturers. “The lecturers have been very helpful and encouraged me to participate in the Sunway University College Business Plan competition as well as allowing me to work part-time at the ICT R & D Centre of the School”.

Jega believes in involving himself in many extra-curricular activities such as the Student Council, organising the Youth@Research and the World Cyber Games competition. I feel that these activities help broaden the mind and develop my leadership skills. “Despite being busy I like to keep focused on my studies and I hope to be gainfully employed and financially secure someday so that I can give back to the community”.

For Candy Lee Pik Shin, who was brought up by a loving grandmother, the scholarship has enabled her to pursue the ACCA at Sunway. “The environment at Sunway’s accounting division, Sunway TES where I study, is an inspiring one. Most of the lecturers are dedicated which drives me to work hard” said Candy. “The scholarship has also helped me develop in character” Like Jega, Candy would also like to get a headstart in an accounting career and eventually help others like herself to realise their dreams.

All community scholars are well looked after by qualified counsellors at the Student Services Department. Workshops and sessions on topics such as self-esteem and coping skills in time management, adaptation, goal setting and emotional quotient (EQ) are imparted by Lee’s team to help the scholars realise their full potential and dreams.

To-date 24.6 million has been given out by the Sunway Education Trust Fund which Sunway University College is placed under. All surpluses from Sunway University College are ploughed back into the Trust to be used for scholarships, upgrading of facilities and for research.

Those interested in the Community Scholarships may apply through Sunway University College’s appointed coordinator, Malaysian CARE at (03)-90582101 (Esther) or through the Counselling Unit at the Student Services Department at (03)- 74918622.

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