Chew Shee Ghee and Class Conquer Worldwide ACA ICAEW First Stage

The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales (ICAEW) and Sunway TES, the financial courses arm of Sunway University College, co-hosted the second annual ICAEW Award Presentation on March 10 to honour 16 students who were awarded their Professional Accountancy Certificate as well as to celebrate the achievement of one of its outstanding students, Ms Chew Shee Ghee who won first place in the world for the Taxation Paper. This paper is part of the highly sought after premier business qualification, the Associate Chartered Accountant (ACA) qualification offered by the ICAEW.
Chew Shee Ghee and Class Conquer Worldwide ACA ICAEW First Stage

Ms Chew bags the prestigious Little Prize, named after Arthur G. Little, for having the highest marks in the world, outshining over 1,300 incumbents in the recent ICAEW December 2005 examination sitting. This feat confounded traditional UK tuition providers and the world as the Taxation paper is of the UK variant.

The Professional Accountancy Certificate is awarded to students who have successfully completed the rigorously demanding Professional Stage of the internationally renowned ICAEW ACA qualification. The 16 students (including Ms. Chew) are Sunway’s pioneering batch of students to have completed this stage and will be moving on to the Advanced Stage at the end of this year.

Chew Shee Ghee and Class Conquer Worldwide ACA ICAEW First Stage

The 16 students included Ms. Chew Shee Ghee and 5 other ICAEW ACA students who are attached with PricewaterhouseCoopers. The other students making it through this stage were 7 students attached with Ernst & Young, 2 with the Sunway Group and 1 with Resorts World Bhd.

Ms Chew has an impressive list of qualifications including ; a First Class Honours in B.Sc (Accounting & Finance) from the London School of Economics and a Master in Philosophy from the University of Cambridge. This is the second time Ms Chew has won First Place and a Prize. The first time was when she won First Place and Watt’s Prize for the Audit & Assurance paper of the ICAEW ACA which she sat in December 2004. In recognition of these two awards, Sunway TES will sponsor two tickets (one for each award) for Ms Chew’s parents to attend the Annual ICAEW prize giving in the UK expected to be held in July 2006.

Also present at this ICAEW Award ceremony were Puan Sri Datin Sri Dr Susan Cheah, EXCO Member, the Sunway Group; Dr Raymond Madden, Executive Director- Learning & Professional Development, ICAEW; Mr Mohammad Faiz Azmi, Chairman, ICAEW Malaysian Chapter and Dato’ Gan Ah Tee, Chairman of Education & Training Sub Committee, ICAEW Malaysian Chapter.

The ICAEW is one of the largest and most highly respected accounting bodies in the world and through its ACA qualification, accounting professionals are no longer erroneously regarded as “number crunchers” but astute business advisors and captains of industry.

Sunway TES is the strategic partner of ICAEW as it is the only tuition programme provider of the ICAEW ACA in the Asia Pacific region. Malaysia is the fourth country in the world to offer tuition for the ACA Programme after the UK, Cyprus and Greece.

Since the inception of this valuable programme in 2004, Sunway proved herself to be capable of delivering quality tuition and unwavering support to students and the various authorized training organizations. In a short span of a little over a year, Sunway, saw a World Prize Winner in December 2004 and December 2005 and also produced her first batch of students to have completed the Professional Stage, where 88 percent of them completed this stage at their first attempt. The next intake will be in April 2006 and it is envisaged that the Advanced Stage will kick off in September 2006.

The ICAEW ACA qualification programme at Sunway University College is open to good honours graduates not necessarily from accounting, finance or business but from diverse academic backgrounds. Regarded as the “Rolls Royce” of accounting courses, the ICAEW ACA merges examinations with practical work based learning. The critical element is that students essentially have a Training Contract with an ICAEW authorised training organisation for a period of between 3 to 5 years.

There are currently 19 authorised training organisations in Malaysia, many of them which are leading local and multinational companies in the industry and include the four major professional services firms in the world.

Graduates of the ICAEW ACA are assured of a glittering career ahead of them. Some 80% of FTSE 100 UK companies have at least one on board, as Chief Executive Officer or Finance Director.

For more information on this prestigious programme, kindly contact the ICAEW office in Malaysia at 03-2094 6340 or e-mail elaine.hong@icaew.co.uk. Alternatively, you may also contact Sunway University College at 03-7491 8622 ext 8034 or e-mail smcheng@sunway.edu.my on matters related to the Sunway ACA programme.

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