Victoria University MBA
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Some of us are in jobs that were Start-Ups 10 years ago. We also expect many jobs to disappear in 10 years’ time. Game-changing technology trends are creating both disruption and opportunity on a global scale. As we all know from past experience, technology is always evolving, resulting in new trends emerging and new products appearing every day. To name a few of current trends: rapid growth of big data, cloud computing & advanced cloud services, on demand services, virtualization of storage, desktops, applications, and networking, highly innovative consumerization, gamification of training and education, social business, smart phones & tablets as primary personal computers, mobile web, 3D printing, digital identity management, multiple app stores for all smart phone, tablet, and television operating, advanced automation and robotics, and machine-to-machine communications, etc.

That’s why you stay ahead of the trends by anticipating them, adapting them to the unique environment before the competition does, and ultimately enabling your organizations to profit from them. The more C-Suite ready you are, the more you are in demand to reach the next level of business success. We anticipate your ambition. To reach your end goal of C-Suite & Start-up ready, VU Masters programmes prepare you with industry-relevant competence that employers value and look for in their employees. Our high-profile industry connections offer you hands-on workplace learning and valuable networking opportunities.

So invest in your future with us.

Dr Hendry Ng
Dr Hendry H.S. Ng
Head, VU MBA programme
Sunway College