Victoria University MBA
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Derek Khin Fah Law Senior Manager, Corporate Finance / M& A Department RHB Capital Group

My department is responsible for identifying and evaluating mergers & acquisitions (M&A) and strategic alliance targets to grow the Group’s profits. The VUMBA has enabled me to broaden my horizon to evaluate such targets not just from the financial perspective but also from non-financial perspective such as strategic fit, viability of business model, etc. The VUMBA is very practical course. It has helped me in my daily work and enabled me to collaborate with my colleagues in other divisions such as HR, Property Management, etc.


Ricky Chee Leong Liew Head, Aircraft Engineering SR Aviation Sdn Bhd (Cessna Citation Authorised Service Facility)

Professionally, as an aircraft maintenance engineer, I was trained to be highly competent in the technical aspects of aircraft with zero tolerance of error. As my career progresses, my technical function has evolved into management function. VUMBA was the right choice. I applied the latest concept of business management into my department with encouraging results. The excellent lectures, work-related assignments and group exercises enabled me to effectively handle various management issues and challenges. VUMBA not only adds to my qualification but it also improves my personality. I find myself ready for new frontiers of my career.


Andrew Koh Kien Ting Business Development Manager 3D Wizards M Sdn Bhd

My first degree is in Mass Communication and being in a management team at fairly young age with no business management skills was the main reason 1 signed up for VUMBA in 2009. The past two years have been a wonderful learning journey, both in my studies and job. I was lucky enough to have an understanding CEO who knows the usefulness of MBA studies, and thus allowing me to apply various concepts/theories at work. I was able to enhance my work performance and strategy-making in holistic manner. I will definitely treasure the professional network, valuable skills and knowledge, as well as friendship that I have acquired through VUMBA programme at Sunway.


Richard Ong Poh Teck IT Architect IBM

I have been with IBM for almost 8 years now and much has changed since I started out as an IT Specialist. I knew I wanted to do my MBA and IBM backed me up on my decision to take my career one step further. I decided to enter VUMBA with the knowledge that the course was perfectly designed to accommodate my busy schedule. The course was so interactive and relevant that I could finally elevate what I was doing at work with the in-dept business knowledge that I have gained then. Besides that, VUMBA exposed me to countless industries through the knowledge of my classmates. I was a great networking was so powerful to me then that I took the opportunity to join the VUMBA club as president and treasurer. Attending VUMBA was truly a memorable experience!


Benson Wong Co-author of MBA Edge / Founder of VUMBA club

The best part of VUMBA is that in many instances, the business formulas that I learned in classes came just at the right time to solve some business problems. I also treasure the many new friends I have made through numerous networking activities. One would learn to appreciate the complexities of managing an organisation, and the latest management tools to support one’s work in order to make significant impact on the business.


Raymond Prakash Peter Government Relations and Marketing Manager Victoria State Government, South East Asia Business Office

After procrastinating for many years, I finally decided to pursue an MBA but with much difficulty in finding one that would enable me the flexibility of balancing work and education. The Victoria University MBA programme (VUMBA) allowed me just that as classes were held over weekends with the added benefit of not only learning from experienced local tutors, but from lecturers from VU itself. The entrepreneurial spirit of the curriculum encouraged participation whilst developing business skills and knowledge, business newtwork and personal growth. The skills obtained from the programme have enabled me to be more effective and efficient in a very lean and dynamic organisation.