Victoria University MBA
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Key Benefits

Fast Track – The VUMBA programme is facilitated on a modular basis, making it possible for your to complete the programme within 1.5years.

Ideal for working adults – Classes are conducted mostly on Saturdays, thus is ideal for working adults. In addition, the modular structure enables you to plan studies around work commitments.

Visiting Lecturers – Each module will include 15 contact hours with the module leaders from Victoria University, facilitating meaningful exchange of experience and knowledge about the coursework and examinations.

SAP- software enabled teaching and learning of subjects – SAP enterprise software is used by students to prove the concepts of enterprise resource planning, supply chain and logistics management. The software enables practical application of concepts of intra-and inter-networking to realise physical movement and storage, information systems support and relationships between internal and external partners in supply chains.

Network with the Best – Participants come from a diversity of industries, with local participants forming the majority. They are your professional network to be tapped into the medical, pharmaceutical, banking, agricultural, engineering, IT, financial and other manufacturing and services sector.

Online Learning Resources – Besides an exceptionally well equipped conventional library, Sunway also host a collection of e-learning materials – among them are 85 online e-databases, 35,000 full text online electronic journals and magazines and 53,000 online e-books. In addition, VUMBA students will also have access to Victoria University’s electronic resources.

“Bringing industry into class” – The programme will provide you with current management thinking, translating practical business skills for advancing entrepreneurship and innovation in businesses. Professionals and successful entrepreneurs will conduct insightful workshops & seminars to illuminate the modules of study with many real world examples.