Victoria University Business
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Student Testimonials

Marketing Specialist, Gulf Taleed, Saudi Arabia
Bachelor of Business (International Trade / Marketing), Victoria University
Hythum Abdullah Harharah, Palestine

Social Media Manager, The Cupcake Boudoir, South Africa
Bachelor of Business (International Trade / Marketing), Victoria University
Ameena Yacoob Pandor, South Africa

“ Being married and studying at the same time was not simple but was not that hard either; if both partners share a common ground, they will achieve success. The VU lecturers also pushed us to work harder and they were always there for us.”


“ Being a wife and a student was not easy but having my husband, Hythum, by my side was an experience I will cherish. Whenever I felt stressed, he would be there to offer words of encouragement as I wanted to give of my best.”

Service Executive, Bramer Banking Corporation, Mauritius
Bachelor of Business (Banking & Finance / Financial Risk Management),
Victoria University
Baichoo Varsha, Mauritius
“VU broadened my horizons and enhanced my knowledge on different cultures and living styles. The lecturers were competent and knowledgeable and the administrative staff were efficient and always ready to assist. VU has helped me to open up to other people. Furthermore, my communication skills were improved. I made many international friends and this has broadened my social network.”


Managing Director, Cahaya Yakin Plantation (M) Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
Bachelor of Business (Marketing / International Trade), Victoria University
Master of Business Administration, Victoria University
Lee Chung Seng, Malaysia
“ I am proud and happy to say I am crafted by Victoria University. Besides the great study experience, VU has also provided me a pathway to develop my leadership skills in the Student Union. The beautiful memories have become a beautiful melody in my life. I thank the lecturers for their guidance and encouragement. VU has indeed given me the strength to persevere and what I am today is because of VU. ”


Founder / CEO – Alive Global Group, Australia
Bachelor of Business (Marketing / Music Industry), Victoria University
Master of Business (Marketing / Project Management), Victoria University
Albert Lim Loong Chen, Malaysia
“ The VU experience is one I will always treasure and have an affinity with. VU has given me the foundation of not only learning the necessary skills but applying them in society for the benefit of the community and the world.”


Business Trainer / Consultant, Phyto Science Sdn Bhd, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Bachelor of Business (Marketing / International Trade), Victoria University
Malvin Ong Kian Seng, Malaysia
“ My experience in VU was priceless and memorable. I did not just gain head knowledge but also beautiful friendships along the way. The 3 years played a major role in developing and shaping me to be what I am today. It was the sacrificial “all out to help” management team and the committed “all out to teach” academic team that made Sunway–VU stand out from the rest of the programmes. Heartfelt gratitude to everyone who impacted, inspired and influenced me.”


Global Maybank Apprentice, Menara Maybank, Malaysia
Bachelor of Business (Accounting / Banking & Finance), Victoria University
Nico Fernando, Indonesia
“ It is probably because of my strong interest in numbers that I decided to major in Accounting and Banking & Finance. Victoria University has played a very important role in grooming and assisting me to accomplish my goals and dreams. The lecturers and mentors were very dedicated and more than willing to guide and help me even after their working hours. I found myself being both academically as well as personally challenged by them. It was this kind of interpersonal relationship that motivated me to stretch my capacity and unleash my potential.”

Risk Management Officer, I & M Bank (T) Ltd, Tanzania
Bachelor of Business (Banking & Finance / Financial Risk Management), Victoria University
Tabassum Mohamedali Dhalla, Tanzania
“ VU has shaped me to fit into the business world. It has taught me and made me the person from whom the business world would benefit. In my working environment, it made me realise the worth of what I do on a daily basis. VU is the backbone of where I stand today. I am indeed grateful to have chosen VU.”

Bachelor of Business (Banking & Finance), Victoria University
M. Litt (Finance & Management) , University of St. Andrews, Scotland
Student – PhD in Finance, ICMA Centre, Henley Business School, University of Reading, UK
Rupini Deepa Rajagopalan, Malaysia
“ My experience in VU has been one of fond memories. The lecturers and staff were always dedicated and ready to help me with all my questions. I was also part of the student committee in VU, where I helped to organise various events. This strengthened my confidence and boosted my leadership skills. Most importantly, the international mix of students made it a very diverse and culturally exciting educational experience. After seven years since graduation, I still make it a point to visit the staff at VU whenever I am back in Malaysia. Their welcoming smile always awaits. I am glad I made the choice to study at VU!”