Clubs & Societies
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Student Leadership & Engagement

SLE provides avenues for students to tap into their full potential via leadership opportunities, creative thinking projects and active involvement in extra-curricular activities.

Our Focus

  1. Training & Development
    The core belief of SLE is that each person is a unique individual, capable of great achievements. To this end, we endeavour to assist each student in maximising their potential through training and development modules customised specifically for students. Through student leadership posts, character building training, and club and society management, our aim is to foster a culture of leadership and teamwork that will last a lifetime.
  2. Cultural Initiative Programme
    Sunway Campus has a richly diverse cultural mix, with students from many nations and ethnic groups. In recognition of this, SLE has established the Cultural Initiative Programme, which aims to create greater understanding among the groups represented here. Some of the events we organise include Cultural Nights, Homestay Programmes, exhibitions, and various other culture-related activities.
  3. Community Service Initiative
    The Community Service Initiative at Sunway Campus is spearheaded by the Sunway Student Volunteers, which is a volunteer group that strives to aid the community through various outreach initiatives. The group’s ethos is to be a group that impacts the lives of others in a positive manner. Throughout its tenure the Sunway Student Volunteers has helped the disadvantaged and marginalised in practical and straightforward ways; assisting at retirement homes and orphanages, providing free tuition to refugees, and volunteering at animal cruelty prevention organisations. The Sunway Student Volunteers commit themselves to serving those in need, and always welcomes new members.
  4. Sports, Clubs & Societies
    SLE believes in the importance of an all-rounded, holistic lifestyle for our students. As such, we cater to a wide range of clubs and societies to accommodate each student’s needs. A great variety of clubs and societies exists, including religious, educational, cultural, sports and business clubs. All our clubs and societies are self-governed, under the supervision and patronage of SLE. A complete list of clubs and societies, as well as information on how to form one, can be found at Student LIFE.