Counselling Services
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Counselling Services

The Counseling Unit is committed in providing comprehensive and cutting edge counseling services that are developmental, preventive and remedial to facilitate problem-resolution, improve relationships, enhance growth and empower development of fullest potential through promoting and modeling positive mental health for our students.

Growth, Challenge and Discovery

Counseling may be defined as a growth process through which individuals are helped to define goals, make decisions, and solve problems related to personal-social; educational and career concerns. Counseling can present you with personal challenges and you are likely to discover new and exciting aspects of yourself.


Let us know how we can help

You can choose to locate a counsellor in many ways:

  • Call our phone line 03-74918622 ext 8019
  • Email us at
  •  Just walk in! The counsellors' office is located at the Student Services Department (next to the cafeteria, inside the Student Centre). Our student helpers and staff will kindly receive you and refer you to us.
  • Click here for Counselling form