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JUMPSTART Your Career!

JUMPSTART YOUR CAREER is a special bulletin brought to you by Sunway Career Services! This quarterly publication will provide you with a better understanding of employer’s expectations through our interviews with corporate leaders and how you could maximize your campus life in enhancing your employability. Apart from that there are also some self-development articles that could be helpful to you.

Get a copy today! Or you can view it from here.  Just select the edition you want from below:

JumpStart edition September 2016
JUMPSTART Your Career! Graduation 2014 edition
JumpStart Graduation edition 2014
JUMPSTART Your Career! May 2014 edition
JumpStart Get Hired May 2014
JUMPSTART Your Career! Sept 2013 edition
JumpStart Get Hired Sept 2013
JUMPSTART Your Career! April 2013 edition
JumpStart Get Hired April 2013
JUMPSTART Your Career! Graduation 2012 edition
Graduation 2012 Edition
JUMPSTART Your Career! Quarter 1, Vol. 21
Quarter 1, Vol. 21