PRePARE Career Services
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EXPLORE is a self- development program for Pre- University students designed by the Sunway Career Services of the Student LIFE. It is tailored specifically for pre-university students, and prepares them for college life and beyond.

Activities organised by EXPLORE include on-campus seminars, talks and workshops. The most well-known of these are the EXPLORE Tea Time Talks, where speakers and trainers are brought in to have a quick one hour session, with topics covering areas of soft skills, study skills and industry specific sharing. Refreshments are provided, too!

EXPLORE also organises exploration trips to companies from various industries which includes a mixture of company presentations, exhibitions and office tour. This provides students a platform and opportunity to explore further on various industries, professions and career paths.

Other events such as career exploration fairs, career interest tests and more are lined up, and will be publicised via email, Vine and the Sunway Career Services Facebook page.

The EXPLORE program is flexible and caters to every student’s schedule via a ‘stamp’ system that must be completed within a year of joining. Every EXPLORE event awards training stamps to EXPLORE members, which are collected on a card given at registration. Upon completion of the card (8 stamps), members are awarded a certificate of completion, signed and endorsed by Sunway College and the Director of Student LIFE.

To join EXPLORE:

  1. Be a Sunway College student
  2. Register with Student LIFE for RM10 and receive an EXPLORE card
  3. Get updates via email, Facebook, Vine and posters around campus
  4. Participate in EXPLORE activities and collect training stamps
  5. Collect an EXPLORE Certificate of Completion with 8 stamps, or the Certificate plus bonus gifts and free LEAP membership with 12 stamps

To Sign up or get more information, visit Sunway Career Services at our office in the Student LIFE, email us at, or ask us a question on our Facebook page at