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A Framework For The Future

Nurturing potentials through quality education and holistic development

The Pre-University Studies at Sunway College is focused on delivering university preparatory programmes to equip students with critical thinking and independent learning skills, preparing them for admissions into premier universities all over the world. Our dedicated and approachable academic teams nurture and mentor students to develop and expand these skills and capabilities, resulting in students’ academic performance that often exceeds expectations.

A strong tradition of academic excellence prevails at Sunway because we provide detailed attention to our students’ development. Their success stories in fields of studies like medicine, science, engineering, accounting, business and arts, are testimonies of the high degree of pastoral care and academic guidance we offer.

Our programmes also put strong emphasis on extra-curricular activities - encouraging our students to approach clubs, societies, sports and community service with as much enthusiasm as their studies. Through these, they learn team spirit and leadership qualities, build confidence, communication skills and friendship that will benefit them in their future undertakings.

Apart from the Sunway Main Campus, some of our Pre-University Programmes are also offered at the Sunway College campuses in Johor Bahru and Ipoh.


Education Pathways
Education Pathway

The Sunway's Winning Formula

A strong tradition of academic excellence prevails at Sunway College due to the detailed attention given to every student’s development. Through these, they learn team spirit and leadership that build confidence and friendship whilst improving communication and independent learning skills.

  • Firm Foundations
    The five internationally recognised pre-university programmes are tailored to suit individual student’s academic pathway. Every success story is a testimony of Sunway's high degree of pastoral care and academic guidance.
  • Enriched Learning Experience
    Students thrive in an environment that stimulates their preparation for university or tertiary studies, developing academically and personally through extracurricular activities, sports, student councils, clubs / societies and lectures by distinguished professors and industry leaders.
  • Learning Resources And Facilities
    Sunway College provides a comprehensive range of teaching and learning resources and facilities. Classes are conducted in conducive and well-facilitated premises and supported by state-of-the-art technology.
  • Experienced & Dedicated Lecturers
    Personalised attention is made possible through small-group learning. Our lecturers are approachable and available on campus to offer you additional academic assistance and to guide you in achieving your individual goals.
  • Guidance to University Placement
    Lecturers and guidance advisers assist students with information and advice on career choices and university applications, placing students in the university of their choice. Sunway Pre-University students have successfully progressed into prominent universities worldwide such as Oxford and Cambridge in the UK, Harvard and Cornell in the USA, and Group of Eight Universities in Australia, to name a few.