Monash University Foundation Year
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Reasons to Choose MUFY

Pathway to a prestigious university

MUFY is a direct pathway to Monash University, a member of Australia’s Group of Eight universities recognised for excellence in research, teaching and scholarship.


Recognition in Australia and beyond

The MUFY qualification is also recognised by other Australian universities, universities in New Zealand and a growing number of established universities in the UK. This recognition extends to the branch campuses of foreign universities in Malaysia as well as private universities in the country.


Non-discipline specific foundation program

A discipline-specific foundation program such as a foundation in engineering prepares students specifically for undergraduate studies in engineering. On the other hand, a non-discipline specific program such as MUFY does not limit students’ options but offers them a broad pathway to any university course of their choice.


Semesterised study mode

MUFY students complete half of a subject (Unit 1) in Semester One before undertaking the second half (Unit 2) in Semester Two. This way, students need not face the pressure of preparing for a single final examination at the end of the program.


Flexibility to improve university entry score

To improve their overall score, MUFY students can spend just one semester retaking some units. That means in order to achieve better results, there is no need to repeat the entire program which a non-semesterised pre-university program would require.


Availability of scholarships

MUFY students studying at Sunway College can apply for a broad range of academic and extra-curricular scholarships made available to both domestic and international students. Similarly, Monash University offers scholarships to MUFY students who achieve excellent results.