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The Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants (MICPA) has been developing the accounting profession in Malaysia by providing accounting graduates with an avenue to become a Certified Public Accountant, or better known as CPA since 1958. MICPA has been a cornerstone in the setting of accounting standards since then and has played a technical advisory role for Malaysian regulatory bodies responsible for carving out the business and financial landscape of this nation since its formation. MICPA has more than 3,100 members and over 500 registered students. Members of the Institute are entitled to the description “certified public accountant” and to the designation CPA.

The depth of technical accounting knowledge and understanding of the Malaysian business environment has helped MICPA shape its core professional accountancy programme – the MICPA-ICAA programme, to suit business professionals practicing in Malaysia whilst increasing their accessibility to the accounting profession on international shores. The partnership between MICPA and ICAA has widened the horizons of programme graduates in terms of international opportunities and access to resources such as the Global Accounting Alliance (GAA) which provides support from a network of professional accounting bodies in 11 different countries.