International Office
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Arrival Procedures

Students arriving with student Visa Approval Letters (VAL) must obtain a Single Entry Visas (SEV) from the nearest Malaysian Embassy. Certain countries are exempted from SEVs. Please check with the International Office (IO).

Ensure that your passport has more than one blank page and valid for at least 14 months (preferably longer) from the intake date.

Please notify IO of your arrival details (flight number, airline, date and time) one week (7 days) before arrival. You need to specify the airport: Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) or Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (klia2) – code KUL - or Subang Airport - code SZB. Please use the official Airport Arrival Form.

Failing to inform IO may result in students having to wait for University staff at the airport. If this happens over a weekend or public holiday, there may be no staff available until the next working day. In such cases you may need to stay in the KLIA transit hotel located in the satellite terminal.

The Malaysian Immigration Department requires higher education institution staff to escort students from the passport checkpoint. However Sunway University students (not Sunway College) may be exempted with student Visa Approval Letter and Single Entry Visa (SEV).

KLIA is located about 50km from the campus and 70km from Kuala Lumpur.

At the IO, passports are collected for endorsement at the Immigration office. Endorsement involves insertion of a one-year multi-entry sticker in the passport.

Endorsements may take up to four (4) weeks. Do not to make any travel plans until the endorsement process is completed and passport is returned. The IO will issue official identification documents to students while passports are being endorsed at the Immigration office.

Pre-Arrival Procedure

Step 1 
Before departing
Students must ensure that the Airport Arrival Form is faxed to +60-3-5635 8635 or e-mailed to at least seven (7) working days before arriving in Malaysia, with the following information:
  1. Date and Time of departure from country of origin;
  2. Date and Time of Arrival in Kuala Lumpur - specify if it is the KL International Airport - KLIA or KLIA2;
  3. Departure City, Flight number and Airline.
Sunway University will not bear any responsibility if the instructions above are not followed.


Step 2 
Preparation for Pre-Departure

Students are advised to bring the following documents:-

  1. High school certificates, passport type photographs, medical information, spare photocopies of passport, etc.;
  2. Passport (which is valid for at least 14 months,preferably longer);
  3. Original copy of Visa Approval Letter (VAL) or Single Entry Visa (SEV) - some countries are exempted from SEVs. Please check with IO.


Step 3
On Arrival - Airport Immigration

Upon arriving in Malaysia and leaving the aircraft, head towards the Immigration check point.

Arrivals at KLIA - When arriving at the Immigration Counter, show the Immigration Officer your Student Visa Approval Letter from Sunway University.

Arrivals at KLIA2 - please wait to meet with a Sunway University representative just BEFORE the Immigration Counter.


Step 4
Baggage Collection

At the airport make your way to the Baggage Reclaim to pick up your bags. If you are unsure please approach airport staff in uniform for assistance.


  • Sunway representative will normally carry signage of Sunway University or a Sunway bag or wear a Sunway University t-shirt.
  • Students are reminded that the airport Immigration MAY NOT release students without a Sunway University representative present. Therefore, Airport Arrival notification is important.


Post - Arrival Procedure (at Sunway Campus)

Step 1 
Report to International Office (IO)

All new international students must report to the IO upon arrival or on the next business day for the following:

  1. Fill Up Relevant Forms
    1. Student Data Form
    2. Insurance Form
  2. Attend briefing
  3. Collect your Welcome kit
  4. Set Medical Check-up appointment
    IO staff will arrange transport to for Post Arrival medical screening. This must be done within 3 days of arrival.
  5. Other Matters
    A Bank Introduction letter will be given for opening a bank account.
Students are given one (1) week to settle such matters after which they must hand in passports to IO for endorsement at the Immigration Department.

Students are advised not to make travel plans out of Malaysia during this time.

New international students are required to settle the initial RM18,000 advance fees before commencing classes, if not done yet.


Step 2

It is a requirement for students to attend the orientation. Important information is communicated.

All students are required to sit for the English Placement Test (EPT). The test will be held at Language Lab (located at 2nd Floor in Sunway Building). The EPT results will be released the following day by their respective academic Faculties/ Departments.

Students who do not meet the English requirement may be required to undergo an Intensive English Programme (10 weeks per level) or additional remedial English classes in the first semester.


Student Pass Endorsements / Extensionsn

Upon completion of medical screening, submit your passports to IO for endorsement by the Immigration Dept. A one-year multi-entry sticker pass will be inserted into your passport. This process may take between 6-8 weeks.

Students are advised not to make any travel plans until the endorsement process is complete and passport is returned.

Failure to hand in passports for endorsement may result in students overstaying their current visit passes or be classified as illegal immigrants by the Malaysian Immigration Department.

Penalties exist for overstaying due to expired visas.

Overstaying is a serious offence under Malaysian law. It can result in imprisonment and deportation. You can be denied entry into Malaysia in the future if you have a record created for overstaying your visa.

Fines for overstaying Student Visas/ Passes can be up to RM1,000 and increases for repeat offences.

In addition Sunway also imposes fines up to RM 1,000 to cover emergency administrative paperwork and manpower to solve cases.

Students are referred to Sunway University/ Sunway College Rules & Regulations governing their academic rights and obligations during their tenure of study.