CFAB/ICAEW Programme

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Success Stories

World Prizes

Since the inception of this programme in 2004, our students emerged with the highest marks in the ACA examinations globally, and have been awarded a total of 3 prizes in the Professional Stage Order of Merit. In addition, two of our students were awarded the 2nd and 5th placing in the Professional Stage Overall Order of Merit, placing them in the top 0.5 percent quartile of achievers in the ACA qualification in the world.

Chew Shee Ghee

"The ICAEW was a natural choice due to its unrivalled global reputation and versatility. It was a challenge managing the rigorous exams and the demands of work at the same time but I have no regrets."

Chew Shee Ghee
BSc Accounting and Finance, London School of Economics
MPhil Management Studies, University of Cambridge
1st place and Watts Prize, December 2004 (Audit & Assurance)
1st place and Little Prize, December 2005 (Taxation)
2nd place and Stephens Prize, September 2005-December 2006

Gan Yu Chen

"Obtaining the 1st place and Watts prize for the Audit & Assurance paper was extremely exciting, especially given the fact that the ICAEW ACA qualification is ranked as one of the most prestigious qualifications in the world."

Gan Yu Chen
Bachelor of Laws, University of Wales
1st place and Watts Prize, December 2007 (Audit & Assurance)

An Li Fong
“To attain the ACA Qualification would be a dream come true for me.”

An Li Fong
BA Accounting and Finance, University of the West of England, United Kingdom
1st place and Watts Prize (Audit & Assurance), June 2010

kwong sze hui
“...the ICAEW provides a wide perspective of the business world, ranging from accounting to audit, tax, law, business strategy, all which are useful in the work environment.”

Kwong Sze Hui
Supported and sponsored by BDO
1st place and Spicer and Pegler Prize (joint-placing) (Financial Accounting), December 2010

Teh Qian Yuen
“I chose ACA because it is a prestigious accountancy qualification that not only provides a solid foundation in accountancy, business and finance, but also helps to enhance my analytical skills.”

Teh Qian Yuen
Supported and sponsored by BDO
1st place and Spicer and Pegler Prize (joint-placing) (Financial Accounting), December 2010

Siew Shan Lyn

“… studying the ACA has not only helped me integrate what I have learnt in my daily work responsibilities. My work experiences have also helped me in my ACA papers as they have given me insights which cannot be learnt from the textbook.”

Siew Shan Lyn
Hong Leong Group
5th place and Cassleton-Elliott Prize, September 2005-December 2006

Pass rates

Our average pass rates for the Professional Stage and Advanced Stage examinations are as follows:

Professional Stage

  • Knowledge modules – 93%
  • Application modules – 79%

Advanced Stage

  • Advanced Stage modules – 68%


Note: The above pass rates are from the ICAEW December 2007 to July 2009 examinations.

Students who completed the ICAEW professional examinations

Our first cohort of students successfully completed the ICAEW programme in the November 2007 examinations. Since then until the November 2009 examinations, a total of 65 ICAEW students benefited from our tuition programme and have passed all papers of the ICAEW examinations.

This is a testimony of our team of qualified and experienced lecturers and what can be achieved on a mentor (lecturers) and mentee (students) basis.