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ICAEW GLOBAL Accountant Scholarship Scheme for A Level and STPM 3As Achievers

The Best Qualifications for High Achievers

A Level and STPM high achievers who attained 3As are encouraged to apply for the SUNWAY-TES/ICAEW Global Accountant Scholarships.

They say, “When there is a will, there is a way”, and with ICAEW’s ACA, the door to a bright career ahead is now open for A Level and STPM high achievers.

The ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales) is a world leading accountancy and finance body and members are only admitted after completing the ACA, regarded globally as the gold-standard qualification for business and accountancy.

Sunway-TES and ICAEW inked an agreement between to offer the SUNWAY TES-ICAEW Global Accountant Scholarships to A Level and STPM students who achieved outstanding results with a minimum of 3As. Sunway-TES ICAEW Global Accountant Scholarship is a full tuition fees waiver scholarship for those who achieved 3As in their A level or STPM actual results. Student will get full tuition fees waiver on CFAB & ICAEW. Student will get the opportunities to work with Authorized Training Employers (ATEs) for 3 months Work-Based-Learning and subsequently secure a training contract.

Eligible students can apply to the Student Services Department at Sunway College along with all the supporting documents.
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