Sunway Foundation in Arts
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Programme Structure

  • 3 semesters of 14 - week duration
  • All Core and Enrichment subjects are compulsory
  • 4 Academic Electives (at least one each semester) are compulsory

Programme Outline

Choice of subjects

Students are required to undertake Mathematics and English as core subjects each semester. They are advised to take at least one elective subject and 1 or 2 enrichment subjects each semester.

Core Subjects (4 credits)Academic Electives (4 credits)Enrichment Subjects (2 credits)


  • Contemporary Business Mathematics
  • Mathematical Techniques and Analysis
  • Statistical Techniques


  • Language and Communication
  • Communication:
    Audience and Context
  • Language and Knowledge
  • Social Media in the New IT World
  • Introduction to Programming
  • Introduction to Accounting Techniques
  • Accounting Processes and Reports
  • Introduction to Business: World of Finance
  • Microeconomics: Concepts and Models
  • Macroeconomics: The Global View
  • Introduction to Business: Management and Marketing
  • Mathematics for Actuarial Studies
  • Introduction to Advertising
  • Introduction to Mass Communication
  • Introduction to Public Relations
  • Travel and Cuisine
  • Culture and Ideas
  • Culture and Performance
  • Business Communication
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Introduction to Psychology


Assessment & Examinations

  • Evaluation is based on 50% coursework (quizzes, projects, investigations, assignments and presentations) and 50% examination at the end of each subject.
  • The final transcript will show a combined mark and grade for all subjects. Successful students will be awarded the Certificate of Completion.


Student Support System

We have special programme counsellors who provide academic guidance and support.