Certified Internal Auditor
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Advantages in Studying at Sunway-TES


The only tuition provider of the CIA certification in Malaysia

A Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) was signed between Sunway-TES and the IIA Malaysia on 21 October 2009. Under this agreement, Sunway-TES has been appointed as the only tuition provider to assist internal auditors in Malaysia in attaining the CIA certification.


Qualified and experienced trainers

CIA candidates are guided by a team of CIA-certified and experienced trainers who will not only assist candidates to pass the examinations but also expose them to the best internal audit practices and global standards. View our list of CIA trainers.


Effective examination preparation strategies

Each part of the CIA comprises a minimum of 9 days of lectures conducted at Sunway College. There are also internal progress tests and mock examinations which are set to the closest examination environment possible so that our students can be fully prepared for their CIA examinations.


Interactive learning and teaching

Workshops are interactive in orientation and conducted on a group basis. A variety of teaching methodologies is used to maximize the learning experience of the CIA candidates. These methodologies, though not exhaustive, include:

  1. interactive lectures
  2. real-life case studies and
  3. practice and discussion of examination questions.


Workshops on weekends

All workshop activities are conducted on Saturdays and Sundays, from 9.30am to 5.30pm in most of the sessions.  Even the CIA final exams are conducted on Saturdays.


Excellent track record

Sunway-TES maintains high pass rate by subjects, surpassing that of Malaysia and the World.


IIA’s authorized test centre

Sunway College has been appointed an authorized private test centre in December 2009 to administer the IIA’s examinations.  Our candidates have the convenience of sitting for their examinations in a familiar environment and are assured of a hassle-free examination registration process. Presently, a total of 3 computer laboratories with 70 computer terminals are allocated for the CIA examinations.