Professional Accounting Programmes
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Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®)

The CFA®, a graduate-level program of the CFA Institute in USA, is designed to develop competencies and professionalism required in investment management and advisory services. A CFA Charter is widely recognized by investors, investment practitioners, employers, regulators and the media across the globe as the highest ethical, education and professional standard in an investment community. Thus, CFA charter-holders are highly sought after in the marketplace.

Benefits of the CFA Charter

Global Recognition

The CFA Program is the most widely recognized and respected qualification in investment across the globe. When you earn the CFA charter, clients and colleagues will respect you for the expertise displayed.

Career Advantage In the face of globalization and internationalization, employers and clients require professionals who demonstrate competencies in the implementation of global investment strategies. The first line of professionals sought are CFA charters. With a CFA qualification, it helps you to boost career prospects. Practical Skills The CFA Program curriculum focuses on the practical knowledge and current skills required in investment management, together with professional codes of conduct in investment professions. The Program is designed to prepare you for a wide range of investment specialties that are applicable in many parts of the world. More importantly, this knowledge and skill can be applied immediately to your job. Community Earning a CFA qualification will place you as part of an elite global community of nearly 90,000 investment professionals. You will be associated with the other charter-holders around the world who share the strong commitment to the highest standards of investment education, ethics, and professional excellence.

CFA Charter…

By Job Occupations

• Portfolio Manager
• Research Analyst
• Chief Executive
• Consultant
• Relationship Manager
• Risk Manager
• Financial Advisor
• Corporate Financial Analyst
• Investment Banking Analyst
• Trader
• Accountant
• Auditor
• Strategist
• Broker
• Private Banker
• Performance Measurement

Specialist By Sectors of Employment

• Equities
• Fixed Income
• Private Equity
• Derivatives
• Hedge Funds
• Real Estate
• Structured Products
• Commodities
• Foreign Currency
• Indexed
• Venture Capital