CAT/ACCA Accounting Programme

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The ACCA Qualification


January & July (Full-time & Part-time)
April & September (Full-time for Fundamentals Level, Knowledge Module only)

Examination Periods

June & December (paper-based exam)


  • 2 years with CAT qualification (Full-time basis)
  • 1½ years with a degree from an ACCA-accredited institution (Part-time basis)
  • 2½ years with STPM / A-Level (Full-time basis)

Time Frame for Completion of Studies

Most students attempt from 2 to 3 papers each semester and thus graduate in 3 years. However, ACCA grants up to a maximum of 10 years to attain its qualification


The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) was founded in 1904 and is now one of the largest professional accountancy body recognised internationally with over 428,000 students and 162,000 members operating in 173 countries. Consequently, graduates of the ACCA, with the relevant approved practical experiences, can act as public accountants, both locally and internationally.

ACCA students who have completed Fundamentals Level (Knowledge module and Skills module) of the ACCA examinations will be awarded the Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University (OBU) upon completion of a Research and Analysis Project assessed by OBU, UK. The Oxford Brookes B. Sc (Hons) Degree in Applied Accounting is a highly regarded qualification, which is based on practical, professional, employer-driven accounting requirements. It enables students to prove that not only have they mastered the knowledge required for the degree, but also that they have the key skills required by employers.

Upon completion of ACCA Professional Scheme and three years of relevant, and supervised practical experience, graduates will obtain ACCA status. They can then apply to become members of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MA), enabling them to use the prestigious designatory initials CA(M) or Chartered Accountant (Malaysia).

Structured Teaching and Learning Approaches

Sunway-TES has a structured approach in imparting knowledge to its students. Each paper consists of a minimum of 24-32 lectures and 8 tutorials, comprising 2 lectures per week of 3 hours each. Attendance is mandatory for all lectures and tutorials.

Exam Driven / Exam Focus classes for each paper are compulsory, comprising a minimum of 12 to 24 hours per paper. These sessions provide and discuss past exam questions and techniques.

In addition, each paper consists of 3 internal exams. These internal exams are indicators of students’ progress in their studies.

KPT / JPS (KR 7649/ A7649) 12 / 11